Far Cry 4 Overrun DLC Released

Far Cry 4 - Overrun

Our friends at Ubisoft have just announced the release of its 3rd DLC pack for its gripping Far Cry 4 game. The expansion named Overrun brings 4 new maps, Waterfront, Steelhead, Training and Reeducation and one new PVP mode. The maps have been especially crafted for the expansion and the PVP mode, so-called Overrun, will have you defending certain areas of the map while your opponents attack before having to quickly switch to a new area. This means that not only are you battling for control but also who gets there first.

Not only do you get the 4 new maps and a new multiplayer mode but they have also thrown in access to the dune buggy, something we think you might need as you dash from one area to another on the maps and also the Map Editor maps. This means you and a friend can now play all the maps created by other players within the game.

Available now to download for the Xbox One and the Xbox 360, Overrun looks like another good addition to the already existing DLC’s and the good news to all season pass holders, it’s free.

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