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I remember buying Far Cry 2, sticking it into my Xbox 360 and lasting about 4 hours before having to turn it off, I got lost, died too often and didn’t really enjoy it, when the E3 trailers came out for Far Cry 4 I was so excited because my experience with Far Cry 3 was so good. I was looking forward to seeing what Ubisoft could do to capitalise on the success of Far Cry 3, join me as I venture to Kyrat…

The game revolves around Ajay Ghale, heading to your mother’s homeland to deliver her ashes in accordance with her dying wish. You are returning to Kyrat, deep in the Himalayas, it looks incredible except for the fact it’s completely war-torn and ran by an oppressive King called Pagan Min. There is a rebel force known as the Golden Path and they are out to stop the Kings reign. After an excellent intro to the game you end up as the person destined to lead the Golden Path to victory. A bit like on Far Cry 3 it’s a bit handy that Ajay is handy with a vast range of weapons, hard as nails and doesn’t have a fear or heights or animals straight from the off.


There are huge amounts of similarities to Far Cry 3 but thankfully enough change to keep things fresh for returning players, There is a huge amount of things to do in Kyrat, in terms of content it’s pretty impressive again. Hunting plays a huge part in the game and there is a great array of prey and various different plants, to culture into syringes for that will heal you and enhance your performance, so it’s always worth grabbing what you can. Killing and skinning animals allows you to increase the size of your wallet, ammo pouch and holster allowing you to hold up to 4 weapons at once. Out of nowhere eagles decide to cling to your face which is mildly annoying, and I’ve managed to exact my revenge yet, but I will. While some animals can help you holster weapons, some animals can be used *as* weapons, like the elephant. Once you can unlock the skill, you’ll be able to do cool things like this:

There is plenty of weaponry to make use of, from assault rifles, flamethrowers, Sniper rifles and even just a bow and arrow, great for when you decide to be a bit more stealthy. The best time for stealth is during the outpost liberations, there is something about sneaking around a camp, spotting enemies with your camera before entering unnoticed, disabling the alarm, snapping a few necks and claiming the camp for my own. To be fair though it’s just as much fun tempt a rhino to charge the camp and attach some C4 to it…
Moving round Kyrat is easy as there are so many forms of transport. Car, Van, Boat, & Glider are just a few of the ways to get about my favourite has to be the buzzer, a makeshift helicopter that can get you about the region pretty quickly. Driving is pretty hairy but there is something fun about it. You can now click on the left stick and let the computer drive while you shoot enemies you may come across, as you liberate camps you’ll create lots of opportunities to fast travel too. If you decide to ramble around you’ll end up making use of your grappling hook to get you up to higher ledges.


Pagan Min makes use of radio towers to broadcast his political message across Kyrat and as a freedom fighter you can’t be having any of that, so there are plenty of towers to climb, once you reach the top you can hijack the broadcast and also unlock my areas of the map. As you would expect the map is huge so there is plenty to explore. There are caves to discover, propaganda posters and even diary entries that allow Ajay to discover more about his father. You could argue there is almost too much to do because you could easily find yourself overwhelmed.
The Golden Path is co-lead by Amita and Sabal who want to take the direction of the group in opposite directions. Amita values progress over tradition whereas Sabal want to shun tradition for progress, Ajay will often go to missions with the choice to side with A&S. Ultimately it doesn’t make a huge difference to game but you’ll upset one of the two no matter what, it’s fun to watch them both ultimately fight for the same thing in their own ways. I really enjoyed the campaign, there were a good mix of characters and the missions were fun too, if you played Far Cry 3 there is one mission in 4 that will remind you of once of the previous games best levels.

Far Cry 4 boasts a multiplayer mode that allows you to play 5 on 5 within closed off sections of Kyrat, there are 3 game modes, Outpost, Demon Mask and Propaganda, they are all quite good fun to play but the game would have been fine without multiplayer to be honest. There is a map editor which lets you generator your own maps, it’s very clever but you’ll need some patience to create a good map.


What is exciting is the Far Cry 4’s co-op, if you decide to play the campaign online, your friends can jump in at any time and help you out, when they enter your game or vice versa you bring all of your skills and weapons across with you. There are fortresses around Kyrat that are very difficult to defeat alone unless you play through lots of the campaign or go for it with a partner.
The game looks great and I love the location, at first I felt that it all felt too much like Far Cry 3, but despite all of it similarities Far Cry 4 does a great job of holding its own. This is definitely a must buy.

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