Final Agents of MAYHEM have been revealed

Agents of MAYHEM, which releases on August 15 have had its final Agents revealed in a new trailer.

The “sadistic, brutal and completely destructive” also known as Carnage A Trois are headed up by former US Army Drill Sergeant Braddock, a master tactician from “a long line of military lifers”, the Carnage A Trois team benefits from her inside knowledge of LEGION grunts, since she trained most of them.

We start off with Braddock, who makes use of her cigar to mark enemies for laser attacks, while Yeti, who is an elite Russian soldiwho who survived a top secret ‘cold-warrior’ program, designed to create super soldiers.

Finally we meet Daisy, a minigun-wielding roller derby girl with a bold and brash attitude that has no filter. Check out the trailer below for more info.

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