Forget Dumbo, meet Tembo

Forget Dumbo, meet Tembo


Firstly, I make absolutely no apology for the apalling pun in the sub-title, so there, that’s out of the way.

Right, Sega, it would appear, haven’t disappeared off the face of the gaming planet, they’ve been busy with Game Freak, developing a rather awesome-looking platform stomp-em-up.

Rather reminiscent of Metal Slug and looking like a cross between Slug and Donkey Kong Country on steroids, meet Tembo The Badass Elephant.

Created by the boffins behind the Pokemon games, Tembo is a side-scrolling 2D adventure featuring my new favourite elephant as he fights to save Shell City from the evil forces of Phantom. Ably aided by Picolo, Tembo’s faithful avian companion, you smash, jump, punch, swing and butt-stomp through 17 levels of comic-book style art and comic action.

Part commando, all elephant. I think this menas that sometimes, he doesn’t wear pants.

It’s 7 and a half tonnes of fun and it’s coming to your Xbox One this summer.