Forza Horizon 2 on Xbox One Outed Again?

forza horizon 2 mock

Forza Horizon was one of the most visually stunning arcade style racers around when it was released on the Xbox 360 in 2012. As the player, you raced around a festival on some of Colorado’s long open roads whilst the attention to detail on both scenery, environments, cars and tracks was impressive enough for us to rate the game 9.5/10 in our review.

Although we posted that Forza Horizon 2 was looking likely to be in development last year, this rumour has surfaced again through Ultima Sports Ltd, the UK based sports car manufacture who has signed a deal for their cars to be included in an upcoming game this year. The announcement first appeared on Facebook with Ultima boasting about being included in Forza 4 and Forza 5 and was swiftly removed including:

We have also recently agreed a new contract with the Microsoft Corporation to be included in a new video game to be launched later in 2014. The Ultima [one of the firm’s cars] is proving to be very popular and is providing excellent worldwide publicity and recognition for our marque.

The announcement from Ultima is unlikely to be related to a Forza 6 racer for this year. With Playground Games developers looking for Senior Game Designers, Car Handling Designer, Vehicle QA Technicians among many more who must have “an excellent working knowledge of, and a real passion for, the racing genre” as well as “an excellent knowledge of cars, tuning and car culture” – we are expecting a Forza 2 announcement in due course?

Unless it is Project Gotham Racing then we’ll just scream with excitement!

Thanks: WorldsFactory

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