Freeze your bits off in Crazy Pixel Streaker


As games go, Crazy Pixel Streaker is, well, crazy.

Developer, Lubiterum, had this mental idea that they should revive the lost art of removing your clothes and running on to the field of play for pretty much any sport.

New Indie publishing upstarts The Sidekicks seem to share their vision as they’ve annouced that this new take on a multi-player Smash-TV-a-like will be coming to Xbox One around mid-year 2016.

The title will feature both local and online multi-player modes with dozens of crazy weapons to fend off the stadium security. You can expect to get your chilly hands on such diverse attacking options as watermelon bazookas and soda grenades. Could I sell it to you even more if I told you that you also get to ride a pig?

There will be an Adventure Mode thrown in for good measure with permadeath as well as customisation options and a ranking system. All of this and you get to run around half-naked.

The following video presentation has been approved for audiences who don’t mind the odd hairy torso. You have been warned.


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