Friday the 13th to get “Hitman” inspired single player Challenge mode

When launched, the Friday the 13th game achieved a cult following, as the multiplayer only horror game featured some gruesome ways for Jason to kill his opponents. But, there wasn’t much to do if you were a single player apart from practice against AI controlled campers. That’s all set to change as developer Illfonic have announced plans to introduce a “Hitman” inspired single player mode to the game, called Challenges. Warning, the video below shows some of those gruesome kills and is definitely not one for the squeamish.

In a recent blog post (which can be found here), the developer stated that “The challenges could be as simple as “Kill everyone”, but then you might find a challenge that asks you to locate a specific counselor and kill them first. Or perhaps kill someone a specific way or with a specific weapon.”

They also directly referenced the comparison with Hitman, “That’s the approach we took with challenges. There’s a certain, very popular game, with a bald protagonist in a suit with a barcode on his neck. Yeah, that one. If you played that game, you kinda see the direction we’re going with Challenges. Except you’re not an elite special agent…you’re Jason.”

Although I must admit that Friday the 13th has passed me by, this new mode looks perfect for me, and now is probably the time I will make that purchase.


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