Fruit Ninja is Now Available on Windows Phone 8


Fruit Ninja for Windows Phone 8 has landed out of nowhere. It’s already available on Windows Phone 7 devices for quite some time, but it’s appearance on the newer Windows Phone’s has come as a little surprise. You can download it right this minute by clicking this direct link to the marketplace, and unfortunately if you already own a Windows Phone 7 version you need to re-buy the game for the newer hardware! I haven’t yet tested if it doubles up on the Achievements though or applies them to the same game from your earlier version.

I am a lover of all things fruity, Banana’s and Strawberries, Pocket Fruity, fruit smoothies, fruit pastels, and even Fruit Ninja itself. It is a great way to pass the time and earn some extra Achievements whilst using your Windows Phone 8 on the bus, train, plane. You can’t beat mobile Xbox LIVE games to keep you entertained on the go. Once you get hooked on Fruit Ninja fro mobiles, you just will not want to put it down!

However, ff you do not own a Windows Phone device, but maybe instead you have Kinect – Fruit Ninja for Xbox 360 and Kinect is available on consoles. This version has now surpassed the One Million Downloads Milestone and is equally as mich fun. It expands the gamers experience with new gameplay modes and unlockable content too. Gamers can use their arms (and legs) to slice and swipe their way through the various game modes – Classic, Zen and Arcade – to become the ultimate Fruit Ninja. Fruit Ninja Kinect also has multiplayer functionality so Fruit Ninjas can slice side-by-side or challenge one another, but you will need to allow about 6ft space in the room.

More information about the Xbox 360 and Kinect Fruit Ninja can be found from – It’s worth a go if nothing else…

…go on give it a slice!

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