Gears of War: Judgment Rank Transfer Glitch Rampant


An increasing number of gamers are using a very simple method to cheat level ‘Ranks’ on Gears of War: Judgment since a high ranked account by known modder: TheHackersLove went viral. Downloading the account onto the console or USB stick with a 3 step process is apparently going down a storm.

The methods circulating the net indicate that you only need sign in to the High rank Account Like Normal, go to any Private match and start it up, then once your in the game, Pause it and exit. When you EXIT the game quickly sign out and sign into your own Xbox LIVE Account! Because this is not exactly direct modding, but a 2nd Profile Glitch that was popular on the very original Gears of War (did same thing) it unlocks Achievements based on your Rank and is a good reason for Xbox Enforcement to reset your Gamerscore if enough people report your profile via the dashboard options.

In 2006 I did a 2nd profile glitch on Gears of War thinking it was just harmless fun to test how simple it was to get an Achievement by signing two Xbox LIVE Accounts into the console on two controllers, it was some time before I eventually received a Gamerscore reset – but I was forced to take the consequences of my stupidity.

For anyone using this glitch on Gears of War: Judgment – be warned, that it is against the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use and considered cheating.

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