Gears of War Judgment Launch Trailer


Microsoft, Epic Games and People Can Fly has today premiered a new cinematic trailer showcasing the intense, grub-stomping action and thrilling gameplay of this spring’s most hotly anticipated game – Gears of War: Judgment!

Featuring the hit single “Shooting the Moon” from acclaimed UK band Mona, the trailer offers a glimpse of “Judgment’s” challenging campaign and embodies the bold defiance, bravery and heroism of fan-favourite Damon Baird and Kilo Squad, as they face an unjust trial and fight to rescue the planet Sera from the brink of annihilation. The trailer was rendered entirely in-engine on Unreal Engine 3, showcasing the stunning graphics of the most visually spectacular “Gears” game yet.

Gears of War fans in the UK will be able to join the fight against the Locust early through the intense new multiplayer mode in “Gears of War: Judgment,” OverRun. Allowing fans to start earning XP and carry it over to the full version of the game, the early access demo is available from 19th March exclusively to Xbox LIVE Gold members.

Gears of War: Judgment is released March 19th in the US and March 22nd across the EU.

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