Gears of War Judgment – The Reaper – Ultimate Multiplayer Character


Epic Games has unveiled a special multiplayer character and weapon skin called ‘The Reaper’ and what makes this a very special character is that not only will The Reaper be very hard to kill, but only one person will be chosen weekly to be that character!

The Epic Blog has stated that each week, one member from the Gears of War community will be chosen to be the Epic Reaper. Members will be chosen based on their contributions to the community.

The Reaper

The Reaper

The Epic Reaper has special abilities and physics so he’s not very easy to kill. If you do manage though, you will be rewarded with the Reaper medal and custom weapon skin!

The person who is chosen as Reaper will receive a set of custom Gears of War: Judgment dog tags.

Epic employees will also have the Reaper skin available, so if you kill them, it will count towards the medal and skin.

If you would like to nominate someone to be the Reaper, you can post in THIS thread or on Twitter using the hashtag #GearsReaper.

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