Gemini: Heroes Reborn review

Set in the Heroes universe, Gemini Heroes Reborn puts you in the shoes of a young girl named Cassandra. The story begins with but a mere thread of a storyline – breaking into a dilapidated underground facility, Cassandra is looking for answers to her past but when her best friend is taken captive. A power to control the very fabric of time and space awakens inside of her.


With these Evo abilities Cassandra can slow time, freeze bullets in the air Matrix style, manipulate objects (and people) with telekinesis, and my favourite, time travel. Jumping between 2014 and 2008, you can sneak past enemies or bypass navigational hazards – a pile of rubble in 2014 could have been a door in 2008 – and by combining this ability with the time sneak power, you can see what you’re jumping into. Bumping into an enemy or falling into a chasm isn’t a problem if you look before you leap.

Combining abilities is where the fun is to be had. Unfortunately, Gemini shows its hand quickly after a somewhat slow start and once you get over the initial thrill of using Cassandra’s powers, there isn’t much more to the game’s mechanics – the initial joyous thrill of freezing bullets or throwing objects across a room to take down a guard, sinks to a monotone rinse and repeat to get past the various ‘puzzles’ and enemy patrols, with Cassandra barely pausing to consider that she just ended a guard’s life by throwing his body into a spinning fan.


With predictable story twists there’s little to hold your attention either. The graphics are dated and textures failed to load on numerous occasions – it all feels very unfinished, which is a real shame. There’s a lot of fun to be had, even if the game does seem like a lite version of upcoming Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break.

Navigating around, under and over the many traversal puzzles and obstacles is reminiscent of Mirror’s Edge without the flair (and challenge) of Faith’s Parkour skill set, and instead of offering challenging enemy types, each foe is but a mere hindrance – it doesn’t help when enemies glitch into walls or just stand around waiting for you to knock them senseless with a filing cabinet. Enemies also randomly disappear, particularly when you grab them with telekinesis and transport them from one time zone to another – handy right? Not if they are holding a key to a locked door!


With a little spit and polish, and if more thought had gone into the navigational puzzles – forcing you to use Cassandra’s powers to better effect – Gemini Heroes Reborn could have been a superb title; instead it’s a great distraction for an evening.

Thanks to Xbox and HighWater Group for their support

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