Get 8-bit with Mega Man Legacy collection today!

Just when you thought the hype of this legendary game was beginning to die down, Capcom has once again thrown a bomb in the works by releasing the Mega Man Legacy Collection, with an impressive compilation of the six original 8-bit Mega Man games; allowing us to jump back into the incredible story line of this little blue-clad hero, as he fights off the iconic villain, Dr. Wily, and his Robot Masters, such as Magnet Man and Bomb Man.

The collection has kept its retro 8-bit style, with a newly added HD coating to give all of your favourite characters the crispest look the fans have ever seen.

This new collection, now available to purchase digitally across Europe and North America, allows the player to access Museum Mode, giving access to hundreds of vintage concept art pieces that will be bound to throw you back to your childhood; little Blue Bomber at your side. These stunningly high resolution pieced of production art include that of Unused Robot Master designs, a database stocked with enemy information, and a retro music player featuring over 100 songs from the original Mega Man games!

However, Capcom wouldn’t just leave us with the same stuff from before; they have added a brand new Challenge Mode, which remixes classic Mega Man game-play segments to create all new adventures for even the most seasoned player to conquer, whilst still being a fantastic place to start for those who are in the newest generation of gaming. Challenge Mode also allows players to compete with the best of the best, giving you the chance to upload video replays, promoting your childhood game to the children (and adults) to come.

This brilliant game is available for GBP11.99 / EUR14.99 on Xbox One and other platforms, such as the PlayStation(R)4 computer entertainment system, and Windows PC.

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