Get romantic with Destiny this Valentines day

Destiny crimson days

A new Destiny event is coming soon to celebrate Valentines Day, a short event that has the sole purpose to bond two guardians together in the heat of battle. The event will be running from 9th – 16th February 2016. Go hand in hand with your comrade in a new 2v2 elimination mode dubbed Crimson Doubles, visiting Lord Shaxx prior to starting the event will enable a new quest line and some bounties to help you gain XP on your travels. This PVP mode will not match you with a partner or friend but will most defiantly test your team work skills, losing your team mate in battle will give you a broken heart which will grant you the following buff;

If your teammate falls to the opposition in Crimson Doubles, you will be infused with the power of Broken Heart. In your vengeful state, you will be faster on the draw and much quicker to recover from any damage you take. Use this boost to avenge your partner and keep your dreams of victory alive. The Broken Heart buff will last until you revive your fallen comrade, until the round ends, or until you fall in combat yourself.

destiny sweet rewards

Playing well together will give you the chance to earn some ‘Sweet rewards’ such as new Shaders and new Ghost Shells that can drop at up to 320 Light and completing the “Crimson Bonds” quest will get you the new Crimson Days Emblem. Take a trip to see Tess Everis, her store will be restocked and have newly added emotes which will be available for purchase for the limited time period, as well as letting you do the new Awkward and Strange dances, give a Secret Greeting or Fist Bump to your Crimson Doubles partner before you wreak havoc on your enemies.

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