Gfinity launch Tournament Builder for Xbox One

Gfinity have launched a rather cool app in the form of the Tournament Builder. For the first time in console history, you will be able to conveniently create and manage your own cups, leagues, ladders and competitions directly from your Xbox One.

The Tournament Builder app, for Xbox One, also presents users with the option to directly manage their Gfinity Account via their console. Need to register your team for one of our official Rocket League, FIFA, Call of Duty, or Halo competitions? You can now do so, directly from your Xbox One console.

In addition to this, the Gfinity Xbox One application will update as the online platform schedule refreshes every month, based on the community’s feedback, so you’ll never miss your chance to become an eSports star.

Finally, to celebrate the launch of Gfinity for Xbox One, we’re also excited to reveal our $2,000 Rocket League Tournament for Europe and North America, exclusively on Xbox One!

ThisIsXbox will be looking to come up with some tournaments, any suggestions? Let us know below and we’ll see what we can come up with!

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