Ghost Recon: Future Soldier 2 – In Planning Stages?

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier 2 – In Planning Stages?

Ubisoft has issued out emails looking for feedback regarding their Ghost Recon Franchise – and this is where YOU as a gamer get the opportunity to tell them how god damn crap their online servers are when it comes to joining multiplayer matches, and how that very problem from the Beta wasn’t even remotely improved on release of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier…only if you want to that is?

Within this survey where you get to rate a lot of the games and compare Ghost Recon in an awful lot of scenarios to Modern Warfare 3, and you rate things like visuals, gameplay, multiplayer and how you found the overall gameplay experience…and then it goes on about a sequel! Yes a mofo sequel!

“Ghost Recon Future Soldier – Would You Buy The Sequel?”

You get to express what you would like to see in the next Ghost Recon game and this ranges from being able to customise all of your gear (not just weapons), co-op mode of more than 4 players, stronger storylines, more fully destructible environments, quicker unlocking, more open world, the use of vehicles, and many more reasons that would make Ghost Recon: Future Soldier 2, just awesome.

The survey was sent out to all Uplay members who we assume have played Ghost Recon: Future Soldier online at some point. Answer the call (check your emails) and shape the future of Future Soldier…

If you’re yet to buy Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – check out our review right here!

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