Ghost Recon Future Soldier Sequel is “NEXT”

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Sequel is “NEXT”


Regular thisisxbox readers might remember going way back to October when we published the news that Ubisoft was looking at fan feedback to help shape the future of Ghost Recon Future Soldier – this we assumed was the early stages of developing a sequel?

It seems that a sequel has now been confirmed during a Ubisoft conference call in Kiev where a presentation slide outed “Ghost Recon Future Soldier: NEXT”. We can’t take NEXT to be the confirmed title at the moment as it could relate to merely being the “NEXT” Ghost Recon Future Soldier, but for those looking for concrete proof that a sequel is in the works – this is pretty much it without a press release.

The slide (as spotted by an eagle-eyed Ubi forum member) also mentioned the tough working conditions developers endured during the original Ghost Recon Future Soldier development, but failed to state specifics. We scored the game 8.5/10 based on a great campaign, but a really bad multiplayer due to the constant server issues and lack of decent game modes.

When Ubisoft reveal more details on “Ghost Recon Future Soldier: NEXT” – we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Thanks: BluesNews