Ghost War arrives in early October

Lock and load Ghosts, Wildlands’ PvP launches on October 10 as a free update. The 4 vs. 4 tactical mode was briefly trialled as a stand-alone beta download that was available to anyone who downloaded it.

Built from Assault, Marksman and Support roles there are twelve classes to select from. Teams engage in pure deathmatch modes, where the key to success is working together as a tactical team – something that Ubisoft have had great success with in Rainbow Six Siege. The difference in Wildlands is that the maps take place on large open maps instead of confined CQB environments.

At launch there will be eight different maps, new PvP mechanics to master and a whole host of gadgets and weapons to equip your soldier with – the team even plan to provide continual support for Ghost War with updates, hot fixes and new content.


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