Grip Games opens the Tower of Guns

Grip Games opens the Tower of Guns


Grip Games, the publishers behind the frankly brilliant Unmechanical: Extended, have announced a new Unreal Engine based title coming in Q2 of 2015.

Looking like a hybrid of Doom, Quake and any tower defence game you could muster, Tower of Guns looks set to try to revive the classic first person shooters of yesteryear from the comfort of your shiny new Xbox One.

Developed by Grip and Terrible Posture Games, Tower of Guns is the console version of the hit of the same name on Steam. Terrible Posture Games is essentially Joe Mirabello, an artist who has contributed to ‘several’ AAA titles and fancied taking a year out to see what he could achieve. Tower of Guns would appear to be the result and looking at the announcement trailer below, it was well worth it.

The game itself will feature totally random levels, so that no playthrough will be the same, countless weapons, mods and abilities, insane bosses and lots of secret stuff to discover.

Here it is then, Tower of Guns’ announcement trailer, get ready to climb some stairs, lot of stairs.