GTA Online: Bikers update now available

GTA V is the game that keeps on giving, and Rockstar have just given us another update to GTA Online, with the new Bikers update.

Introducing a host of new features including Motorcycle Clubs, Clubhouses, running businesses, 13 new vehicles, and much much more, the free update promises to inject an element of badassery into GTA Online.

Along with all the new toys, a brand new race mode has also been introduced. Slipstream pits teams of riders against each other, as they vie to be the first over the finish line. As teams fight for the lead, they need to stick together to hit checkpoints, and take full advantage of their opponent’s slipstreams to gain additional speed boosts. To add an element of Road Rage, melee attacks are now available to knock other players off of their bikes, so you can gain that important lead.


To commemorate the release of GTA Online: Bikers, there is a special Bikers Bonus Week which will run until October 10, with unlockable rewards and discounts. Play this week to unlock special clothing items, and get a discount on body armour, ammo, and weapon tints.

GTA Online: Bikers is now available to anyone who owns GTA V, and all new content will be added with a quick game update on your Xbox One.

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