Guitar Hero Live introduces Rival Challenges


FreeStyleGames, not content with redesigning the gameplay for Guitar Hero Live are now exploring new ways to make the game even more of an interactive and interesting experience.

Going live now, they’ve introduced Rival Challenges to GHTV as a direct response to the community’s desire for more head-to-head competition within the game.

The feature will match similarly skilled match-made players in a 1-on-1 song battle.To unlock Rival Challenges, you’ll need to be level 10 or higher. These will happen twice in every half-hour show on GHTV and the song choices will be picked by the game, so you’ll need to be prepared. What do you get for winning, other than bragging rights, an inflated ego and that smug look? You’ll get an extra 100 Status XP.

Also now available in GHTV is the ability to favourite a song and a new daily 3-token reward for those who have used all of their Play tokens for GHTV. Simply log in to GHTV with zero plays and you’ll get your reward.

Jamie over at FreeStyleGames’ community site also hints that there will be some festive themed events coming up shortly for GHTV too. You can also get some more information on the new Rival Challenge feature if you head there.


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