Halo 4 Release Dated for November 21?

Halo 4 Release Dated for November 21?

A cinematics trailer has landed in our laps today that claim the release date for the upcoming Halo 4 game from 343 Industries will be dated for November 21st, 2012.

Official announcements from Microsoft has not yet been made – and although no information was provided to us when we received the leaked trailer, we believe it might be used during the Xbox 360 Spring Showcase in San Francisco this week. We had previously reported that a Finnish magazine “Pelaaja”, printed information that Halo 4 will be showcased at this event.

So, you better mark your calendars as Wednesday November 21st is likely to be the day 343 Industries change the world of Halo, for better or for worse…

Here’s the trailer:

UPDATE: Microsoft confirmed this trailer is a fake