HALO Spartan Assault landing on Xbox One December 24th

halo spartan assault image


Xbox Wire has confirmed that HALO: Spartan Assault will come to Xbox One on December 24th and in January for Xbox 360. First released for Windows 8 devices earlier this year, the game was a hit with HALO fans leading to the move to the main consoles.

A top down twin stick shooter, players take on the role of Sarah Palmer and Spartan Davis during missions set between HALO 3 and HALO 4. The Xbox One version will come with added co-op mode, new missions and the expansion ‘Operation Hydra’ add On.

Those who have already purchased the game for their Windows 8 devices will be able to purchase the game as an “upgrade” in order to play it on console for both Xbox One and then in January for Xbox 360. At the moment UK Pricing has yet to be confirmed by it will be available for $14.99 as a full download and $4.99 as the upgrade option for those who own it on Windows 8 devices already.

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