High Stakes: Poker Edition (PS3)

Poker is a game that people literally can’t get enough off. They play it with friends, at online and land based casinos, as well as on games consoles. High Stakes: Poker Edition is certainly the title of choice when it comes to playing for fun on the PlayStation 3. It is in fact the first ever poker title to ever hit the console, and it allows players to enjoy Hold’ Em in different variations both online and offline, in a simple yet very effective way.

First of all, what the game does well is keep things simple, in terms of both the game play and the interface. Poker enthusiasts prefer to be able to pick up and play at will, and this game certainly succeeds here. There are five different Hold ‘Em variations for people to choose from: Billabong, Shanghai, Tahoe, Texas Hold ‘Em and Super Hold ‘Em; so if players want options they have just the right amount.

Furthermore, it is not a game without features. There are 3D visuals to make things seem a whole lot more realistic and players can even customise their players. The betting map is easy to get to grips with, in terms of being able to call and fold; while players can also fast forward the game when it comes to the CPU taking their turn. The fast forward option is one that will certainly come in handy for a lot of people.

In terms of AI players, the game once again impresses. They make solid calls more often than not, and they pick up on how others are playing; throwing in a bluff here and there whenever necessary. The AI has to be spot on in poker games or people will quickly be put off and here, in every game mode, the AI will certainly let players know that they’re in a game, rather than making silly calls and decisions.

The ability to play poker both online and offline is another great aspect to High Stakes. Online, it does seem to be a whole lot more competitive which makes the game a lot more gripping and intense but for those looking to just relax and enjoy playing a few rounds of poker, offline is perfect. With the online modes there’s also the added bonuses of leader boards to see just how good you rank and voice chat too. It is most definitely a game that can provide the experience to go on to play for real cash at established online brands like Unibet or Foxy Casino.

However, if anyone wants to play poker on a console, this is definitely a title that one should consider. It’s the original and seems to get everything spot on. There are the extra features such as player customization should people want them but for the most part the game is just geared towards the actual playing of poker and that’s what sees it be a title of choice for many people. The AI really helps to bring the game to life and with the ability to play online too, it adds that social aspect that is often lacking in other poker games.

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