How online casino games helped develop the gaming industry

Online casinos had humble beginnings and really struggled in the first few years to make any significant headway. Once players were comfortable enough to make the transition from virtual currency to real money games the wheels were irreversibly set into motion. There were a handful of important milestones over the years, such as the arrival of live dealer casino games from websites like and others. Equally important was the moment when the first casino games could be played on mobile devices. From that point onward, the number of people who picked up handheld gadgets to play casino games took off and never stopped growing.

Mobile games are easily accessible

People carry their smartphones with them at all times, so they can always rely on these gadgets for work and entertainment. Online casinos were quick to react to this new reality and made their games fully compatible with mobile devices. Initially, only a handful of the games could be played on the go, but their number increased rapidly. At one point casinos realized that the future of gambling belongs to mobile users, as the young generation uses smartphones and tablets to fulfill all their online entertainment needs.

The reason developers focused heavily on mobile friendly games was to appeal to this burgeoning audience. Initially the games were developed in Flash, which was a good technology for a while and made the games popular worldwide. As it became obsolete, Internet casinos and the software developers working for them switched to HTML 5. This is now the gold standard for online gambling and all the new games released for online casinos in general and mobile devices in particular use HTML 5.

Casual punters prefer mobile gaming

Veterans and highrollers don’t mind spending extensive periods of time in front of the computer. Casual and recreational players simply want to have a little fun when time allows it. Getting in front of the computer to launch the favorite game isn’t always feasible, but mobile gambling is always a good alternative. Mobile casino games allow players to launch their favorite title in a matter of seconds and play immediately. There is no waiting time and you can keep the gaming session as short as you like.

Some of the most popular games among online punters are video slots. The gameplay is simple, engaging and some of these games offer the potential of massive winnings. Progressive jackpot games have acted as a catalyst for online gambling and they are widespread at online casinos. These games are perfect for mobile devices, as they fit in nicely on the smaller displays. All of them can be tried for free or real money, so punters can learn the ropes before making a financial commitment.

Mobile games have helped develop the casino industry in another, more unexpected way. It brought a new category of casual players into the fold, namely those who were previously hooked on social games. They provide them with the same fun games available for free, while giving them the option of switching to real money games whenever they feel comfortable.


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