Hunter: Call of the Wild coming to Xbox One

Hunter: Call of the Wild see’s you exploring 50 square miles of terrain in order to hunt and kill one of natures trophies. I know the subject of hunting is often a controversial one however in Call of the Wild you can do it guilt free. All the footage in the trailer has been filmed directly from the game engine and it looks spectacular. Developers Expansive Worlds have really pushed the boat to bring an immersive and gorgeous world.

Hunter: Call of the Wild also offers a multiplayer option where you can complete challenges but also hunt your prey as a team. To be an effective hunter you need the tools and the skills, these can be developed as you progress and gives you the ability to learn scents and calls of animals to make capturing your prey that little bit more satisfying.

Hunter: Call of the Wild is set for release at some point in 2017 so keep a sharp eye out for that one.

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