ID@Xbox gives us the blues


I’m back, admit it, you thought I’d given up didn’t you? Well, think again, there’s a huge list of games that’ve been announced on the ID@Xbox program at GDC and I’m making it a personal mission to make sure you know all about them.

Next up is A Crowd of Monsters’ noir-inspired Blues and Bullets. The Spanish developers have created a dark and dangerous world in Santa Esperanza. Corruption is everywhere and as a former detective, trapped in this decadent city, you’ll have to fight, shoot and talk your way out of situations. You decide what the detective will do. This has the look and feel of an immersive Sin City.

As seems to be the trend at the moment, Blues and Bullets will be an episodic release, initially expected this May. The choices you make and when you take them will determine how the game will react. You really are writing this story and making your own destiny.

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