Infinity Ward Tease With New Captain Price Image

Infinity Ward Tease With New Captain Price Image


Infinity Ward has changed their cover picture on Facebook to a large black and white shot of the face of Captain Price, the lead within all the Modern Warfare games developed by Infinity Ward from 2007 onwards. To do this at a time right now can only be to fuel speculation about the next game in the series.

Modern Warfare 4 was confirmed to thisisxbox during a flight home from Bodrum Turkey to London last October 2012. A conversation denied by both the voice actor Billy Murray and developers I.W as having any relevance to Modern Warfare 4. Since that time period there have been a number of other rumours and videos surface all over the internet – but almost all Call of Duty reveals are around April / May time – and now that time is drawing near.

With the current attention that rival FPS game Battlefield 4 has been receiving lately, leaves us wondering if Infinity Ward are craving a little limelight in their direction. We think that the next Modern Warfare game will not be revealed until Microsoft announce the new Xbox console for 2013, Call of Duty has the ‘Xbox First’ deal and until a new Xbox console, the focus will be on Sony’s PS4 for the next-gen game and it’s likely stunning next-gen visuals.

When official announcements are in – we’ll keep you updated.