Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Arena Week 3 Discussed By Celebrities


For the past two weeks, the big wigs down at NetherRealm Studios have made dream match-ups with the cast of Injustice: Gods Among Us, and allowed all of their fans to vote on the winners. They then showcase the results of the polls in a weekly Battle Arena showdown that includes gameplay from the upcoming fighter.

First up, the matches from Battle Arena Week 1 and 2. Week 1 includes the super duels of Batman vs. Bane, and Wonder Woman vs. Harley Quinn.

Check out the winners here:

Week 2’s featured fights were The Joker vs Lex Luthor, and The Flash vs. Shazam

Again, check out the winners here:


Aquaman was revealed less than a week ago, as you can see by this reveal trailer:

Which now prompts this week’s featured fights, Aquaman vs. Cyborg, and Green Lantern vs. Solomon Grundy.

These are interesting as we are yet to see any real gameplay for both Aquaman and Green Lantern, who are both expected to be the winners. But who do a roughshod group of rag-tag celebrities think will be the winner? Coming at you with their opinions are Scott Porter, Whose Line hero Wayne Brady, voice actress extraordinaire Tara Stong, X-rated funnyman Jason Mewes, and Kevin Smith, king of the nerds.

As always, you can cast your vote for this week’s battle over at the Injustice site.

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