Jurassic World Evolution to get ‘film’ dinosaurs

Available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, you can now build your own dinosaur park with Jurassic World Evolution – something that both children and adults will enjoy, particularly if you ever played Theme Park.

It’s not just about building though, you are in charge of all operations, which includes bioengineering, there’s even one or two outbreaks that you need to contain – or your park’s guest may inadvertently become a dino’s next meal!

Morals and tactics ultimately lie at the heart of this game but it’s also a good bit of fun for those that want to create their own Jurassic Park. While the film is already out in the UK, the US won’t be able to experience the new film until June 22, at which point the game will receive some free DLC – adding several new dinosaurs from the film.

 “Jurassic World Evolution immerses players and fans of the movies in the Jurassic World universe,” said Jonny Watts, Frontier’s Chief Creative Officer. “With masses of rich franchise lore, iconic characters, incredible living dinosaurs and islands you can reshape and construct however you choose, Jurassic World Evolution brings the dream of building and running your own Isla Nublar to life. This is YOUR Jurassic World, and we can’t wait to see what players create.”

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