Just who is Mr. Shifty?

Mr Shifty

Slipping under the radar somewhat at E3 this year has been a curious game by the name of Mr. Shifty, which surprisingly isn’t a reference to our very own Greg.

Mr. Shifty is being billed as a new kind of action game. This top-down title encourages you to stop creeping through the shadows and memorising security patterns. Ditch the fancy toys, be an expert thief and a master of infiltration. Playing as Mr. Shifty, you should be able to get inside any place you want with just the power of his fists and his teleportation skills.

This speed-stealth, kung-fu brawler follows the exploits of Mr. Shifty as the game combines top-down fighting with the ferocity of ’90s Hong Kong action cinema.

You will pound your way through 75 levels of heists, rescue missions, boss battles and down ‘n’ dirty brawls. Outsmart your opponents by luring them into traps and tricking them into shooting each other. Activate your slow motion powers to dodge the bullets when the gunfire gets too thick. Watch your back though, it only takes one shot to bring you down.

This frantic new title looks to be coming to Xbox One in 2017 and comes from a close-knit group of four Australian based developers at Team Shifty, who previously worked at HalfBrick and will be published by tinyBuild Games.

Here’s Mr. Shifty in all his glory.

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