Killer Instinct reveals new character and gameplay mode


Iron Galaxy Studios, developers of the acclaimed Killer Instinct have announced two new additions to its game in the form of a new playable character and game mode.

Introducing Hisako, a 19-year-old Japanese spirit woman from the Village of Spirits, who equipped with her father’s naginata allows her to attack from long-range. Compared to other characters in the game Hisako is considerably slower, but don’t be fooled by her charming looks;


Every hit made by Hisako packs a punch, and with her unique wrath bar charged she can perform endless counters and cause even more damage. Add to this her awesome special move where she physically enters the body of the opponent causing them to contort violently, she is not to be underestimated.

The new game mode brings a somewhat familiar yet creepy feel to the game. Dubbed ‘Shadows’ by the development team the game constructs an AI character based on you, how you fight, move, counter, and allows you to save that ghost and then fight against it. When asked about the Shadow mode, Kraig Kujawa, (Iron Galaxy Studios Creative Director) said “It’s a living representation of you on your best day”.

The idea behind Shadow is to allow you to fight competitive tournament level opponents without being online, so think Forza Drivatar with attitude.

With Hisako being available to play at the end of the month, the new Phantom mode being released in April and further content in June, the next few months are looking exciting for Killer Instinct players.

If you can’t wait till then, why dont you check out Hisako doing what she does best in the video below.

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