LawBreakers 2017 free content revealed

Boss Key Productions have lifted the lid on what they have planned for LawBreakers’ free content for 2017. An image was teased last week that hinted at new maps and a role…

Releasing later this month, Namsan is the first new map to be bolted on to the base game. Following Nasam is a map that has been solely crafted for Blitzball – Gateway.

There’s also a third map in the pipeline too – a reimagining of one of the earliest maps that was designed. Set in the Sequoia National Forest, Valhalla will be the first asymmetrical map to feature in LawBreakers, it also has some devious environmental hazards and unique spawn locations.

Team deathmatch is coming in the way of skirmishes – a space where the team will trial new modes. Timed exclusive skins will feature as part of the new Blitzball map but the biggest addition to the game is the introduction of ranked matches, dubbed Boss Leagues. Details are slim on the ground, but I’d imagine some kind of reward for the top players.

The team continue to make tweaks to the game based on feedback and player data that they are inevitably collecting. New players now have a host of tutorial videos to help with learning new classes and a sandbox mode to try them out, but Boss Key are also exploring other options for helping break new players in.

Finally, towards the end end of the year a new character will enter the fray – or is that characters? Each role has two variants and while there is quite clearly one silhouette, there must be one for each team.

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