LawBreakers gets patched today

Patch 1.2 for Lawbreakers is due to go live today at 15:00 GMT, that’s 07:00 PDT/10:00 EDT/16:00 CEST.

The update brings in ‘quality of life fixes along with a few balance adjustments for roles and modes’.

“Greetings LawBreakers, welcome to Patch 1.2! In this patch we’re focusing on some minor gameplay tweaks and visual effects improvements while we prepare some more in depth changes for the future. For Harrier and Battle Medic we’ve improved the team colors on their weapon effects so that they’ll be more readable and consistent with the rest of the game. On the balance front, we’ve made a few adjustments to Assassin and gave a small buff to Juggernaut. Game modes are also seeing a few changes… Blitzball has a shorter game clock and a faster shield drop time to help end matches that are getting too drawn out. Occupy has a few more seconds in between zone spawns to help teams better prepare for the next fight.”

I’m pretty happy to see that LawBreakers is getting updates to the different game modes, often updates are reserved for character and weapon balances, so I’m happy to see Boss Key Productions addressing feedback from the fans. I’m still hoping for some more options other than quick match to be introduced and some form of tutorial mode so I can learn the intricacies of the other characters without being punished by skilled players.

You can check out the full patch notes of patch 1.2 over on the game’s official website, or read what we thought of LawBreakers in our first ever PS4 review on TiX.

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