Leaked Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Box Art?

Leaked Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Box Art?

Ahead of Activision’s official reveal of what the whole world believes will be Black Ops 2; due to the persistent leakage of information dripping from retailers receiving promotional material, publishers printing the artwork and even disgruntled GAME managers…but now, what is said to be the official cover art has been posted online today.

The cover shows the European version of the game and is presented in Italian, the front says, “Prenota Subito” or “Reserve Now”. In the corner, stating “One Per Customer.”

Kotaku reports that the photo does send off warning bells: there’s a convenient lens flare, which is a technique fakers use to pass off phony games; the game box looks like a PS2 case and not an Xbox 360 box. However, we have also noticed more importantly that the cover art showing Xbox LIVE in the top right is not the design of Xbox 360 console covers since a new look was introduced quite some time ago.

Real box art would not have the release date printed on it, so I would take a guess that this is real promotional cover art which has not been intended for a game case, just display only – yet made by an Italian to look like a game case cover since the art will more than likely resemble that image anyway. Towards the bottom of the box art in the hand of the soldier barely visible – it looks as though he is holding a V-42 Stiletto fighting knife, these were issued during World War II to the First Special Service Force (aka Devil’s Brigade). Officially the 1st Special Service Force, the Devil’s Brigade were a Canadian elite force, joint World War II American-Canadian commando unit… Closer inspection would confirm the look of the knife…maybe I’m wrong?

We were originally informed of Black Ops 2 being released on November 13th as far back as March 1st. Read about that leak via this direct link which claims three editions are inbound for retail this year.

When official announcements and images are in – we’ll keep you updated.

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