Lifting the hood on the next Need for Speed update

Tomorrow sees the release of the next Need for Speed update and with it comes a whole host of new challenges and changes. The main change is the introduction of the SpeedLists feature.


This new feature allows you to compete against other human opponents in a series of five pre-selected events. Simply select the new SpeedList tile from the main menu, choose from Quick Play, Speed, Style or Mixed, to use the new events.

At the end of each event you’ll gain points depending on where you finished. Once all events are completed the final standings are calculated and the best racers shown off in a short cinematic sequence.

Need for Speed Speedlist Menu

Player Titles

As you play SpeedLists you will be ranked based on your score, against the rest of the community. With these ranks come titles but remember there can only be  one World Champion. The titles are as follows:

  • Street Urchin
  • Sunday Driver
  • Wannabe Racer
  • Stick shifter
  • True Contender
  • Rising Star
  • Night Rider
  • Top Competitor
  • SpeedList Junkie
  • SpeedList Pro
  • SpeedList Master
  • Urban Legend
  • Chosen One
  • The 1%
  • Top 100
  • Top 10
  • World Champion

 Need for Speed Speedlist Screenshot

Prestige Mode

Once you have completed the main story you will get a call from an old friend unlocking Prestige Mode. Along with this comes a new App for your phone and this will allow you to try the original five modes of the game, Speed, Style, Build, Crew and Outlaw in Hard Mode. Are you ready for the challenge and to prove you are the Ultimate Icon?


Two new types of Activity are coming to the game in the form of Drift Corners and Speed Runs.

Approach a Drift Corner and send your car sideways to rack up the points, or go full throttle through one of the Speed Runs. Keep your run clean and leave your mark on the Speedwall – with bragging rights at stake you’ll want to make sure you’re coming out on top.

Achievements & Trophies

Three new achievements and trophies are waiting for you to unlock and collect.

  • Basic Bronze: Win all the Prestige events
  • Gold Plated: Win Gold on all Prestige events
  • Speed Master: Win all the events in a SpeedList

Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges have been altered, so with each Daily Challenge you complete you will receive one of the 150 decals on offer. This has changed as before you were required to complete all three of the challenges to receive the decal.

Once again I’m impressed with Ghost and EA, and how they are really focusing on the Community and content of this game. Personally I’m looking forward to this update and climbing the Player Title Ranks. Feel free to send me a request and I hope to see you on the streets of Ventura Bay.

For more information about the up and coming patch then check out the full patch notes here. The Need for Speed Speedlist update will be hitting our consoles tomorrow, April 27th.

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