LIMBO – Rolling Out Now for Xbox One Year One Gamers


One of the best Summer of Arcade titles ever for the Xbox 360 in 2010, LIMBO from PlayDead Studio’s was a highly addictive and dark puzzle game that involved the constant death of a boy in search of his potentially dead sister! As a free gift to Xbox One gamers who bought the Day One edition of the console, redeem codes for the game are rolling out right now – you might want to check your inbox!

The whole game from start to finish is set in a monochrome land with perfectly detailed backdrops to give the impression of a small lost boy venturing through a big dangerous world. Further adding to eerie sinister setting is the lack of in-game music which really works more of an advantage. As you progress from one part of the land to another, the only sound you hear is your own footsteps and the effects of your current backdrop. When it’s raining, you hear the rain pour, in the forest the wind blows, in water you splash and as you trek across girders you hear the sound of clunky metal. Whilst the lack of in-game music might seem like a bore for some, it really would spoil the feel of the ambiance as each chapter is a new shade of darkness just waiting to be explored.

There doesn’t appear to be an obvious story from the onset; you are a lost boy looking to find your sister whilst experiencing mind blowing traps, puzzles and near death experiences along the way through an intelligent horror story. The moment you are immersed within this artistic masterpiece you do soon forget about looking for your sister because of your own need for survival. You will encounter other characters briefly, but they only mean you harm. Where you are and how you got there may be questions unanswered, but best not thought of. Simply enjoy the experience, the surprises, twists, turns and frustrations of the puzzles set forth on your journey. You will encounter a gruesome death time and time again in the most genius of ways.

LIMBO is certainly a game that once played you will never forget. The fun lies in trying to find your way around a world that isn’t looking out for your best interests and the puzzles at times are difficult, but add further longevity as you clamber to and fro to clear the obstacles or make your way to your next location. Early in the game the puzzles involve actions such as flicking a switch or pulling an object, but the more you progress the more complex they become and change the environment around you – for instance, the turn of a cog will turn your whole world upside down and timing is very much of the essence!

Extracts of this article contain content from my review for in 2010
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