Long Awaited Xbox LIVE Arcade Title FEZ, Finally Gets PEGI Rating

It’s been a long time in the making; so long that you could easily forget it was coming, but Fez was first announced as an Xbox LIVE Arcade title in 2007 where I had once written about its release date as far back as 2009. Since having a long delay, Fez has at long last been rated by PEGI (Pegi 3 – Suitable for Everyone) which ensures a release date for early 2012.

Fez is an upcoming platform game developed by Kokoromi, an independent development team and it will be published by Polytron. Fez had won an ‘Excellence in Visual Art’ award at the Independent Games Festival in 2008 where the game was also nominated for the ‘Design Innovation’ award. It utilises 2D pixel-art style perspectives in three dimensional levels, with the player having to flip the scenery in order to advance further through the levels.

Check out one of the developer videos below and hopefully not much longer now until we can be playing hands-on ourselves.

Roll on 2012!


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