Mafia 3 Demo & “Faster, Baby!” DLC Released

Mafia 3 Demo & “Faster, Baby!” DLC Released

For those of you who have not yet purchased Mafia 3, there is now a demo released on Xbox Live.

Mafia 3 was originally released in October 2016 and published by 2K.

Also released today is the “Faster Baby” DLC, with new features listed after the trailer!

Sinclair Parish is a small rural township in the countryside with lots of opportunities to tear through turns, jump gaps and run from the law, and newly introduced is the ability to activate a slow-motion ability!

You’ll now have access to proximity mines so you can lay out traps on the backroads or in enemy encampments. Also, take advantage of the ability to toss grenades from your car while enemies are in hot pursuit.

…and there’s a great story as well! “Faster, Baby!” takes place alongside events in the main game. A civil rights leader is murdered while investigating local sheriff “Slim” Beaumont – and other activists are next on the list.