Mass Effect 3 DLC: Leviathan Review

Mass Effect 3 DLC: Leviathan Review

Leviathan is equally one of the best DLC contents I have played in a long while and is also a huge waste of time. Confused? Let me explain.

There is a presumption that you have played with Mass Effect 3 at least once ;if you haven’t then look away and be ashamed that your Xbox hasn’t experienced the delight of having it in its disc drive.

Leviathan arrives with a message on your private terminal, telling you to head to the Citadel and meet a Dr Bryson who may know the whereabouts of a supreme being, the Leviathan , that managed to kill a Reaper with little or no struggle and came out unscathed. The Alliance wants to know more about it as, frankly, something that can destroy and scare the hell out of a race of beings that can easily destroy billions of life forms can equal a huge plus.  The problem that Shepard and co have however, is that there is very little information to go on, save random artifacts and the odd sightings; it is up to you to unravel the conspiracy theories and narrow down the search to help you in the war effort against the Reapers.

The plot of Leviathan has more in common with Dead Space than Mass Effect which is by no means a bad thing. The game actually managed to make me feel uncomfortable and on edge as you explore the powers that Leviathan can convey on the races of the Mass Effect universe, with the acting and special effects being ramped up to a new notch. Expect to see sinking ships, a mine exploding as you try to reach the top of it, an asteroid filled with mindless drones that WILL freak you out and plenty more in-between.

Saying that, the DLC doesn’t do anything necessarily groundbreaking, so if you enjoyed the combat of the main game than you will do the same here. New guns and mods are available but, if like me, you have already finished the game two or three different times, they won’t make a difference to your overall game play. There also seemed to be a distinct lack of Paragon/Renegade decisions with, after playing through twice, being  a badass making little to no difference to when my Shepard took the softly softly approach. The content focuses largely on searching for clues around the office of Dr Bryson to try and establish  were Leviathan might well be, however this requires little or no skill from the player other than following the icons littered around . It seems Bioware wanted to hold your hand through anything that wasn’t action in case angry Mass Effect fans started off about *that* ending again!

The storyline is engaging, the new characters and planets of the same high standard as the main game, and the set pieces stand out well. But take your eyes to the top of this page ,if  its really that good why did I mention that is was a huge waste of time? Buying the content so you can spend more time with the Shepard you have been with since the first Mass Effect is a fair point, but the fact that its story driven makes it all the more difficult to recommend. We all know what the ending is, that, one way or another, Shepard beats the Reapers and the galaxy is saved, thus making the inclusion of these new powerful beings fade into nothingness. The bearings on the end are almost nil, aside from further exposition on the Extended Cut ending and the odd sentence thrown in; with any new single player DLC, Bioware were always going to back themselves into a corner after the ending fiasco.

So should you buy it? If you want just a few, and i do mean a few as its very easy to rattle through, hours with the Mass Effect universe than get it for what it is, a element of a well worn story that compliments the whole package  without exploring new ground or sodomising the main game. Leviathan is definitely  a journey worth taking, just don’t expect much when you get to its end.

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