Max Payne 3’s Arcade Modes: Score Attack and New York Minute

Max Payne 3‘s Arcade Modes bring intense bonus shootout challenges to the single-player game experience – featuring “Score Attack” and the return of the classic “New York Minute” mode from the first two Max Payne games in explosive form. In addition to the trill of besting your own top scores (and the scores of all your Friends and Crew members at the new Social Club), high scores also reward you exclusive multiplayer avatars and XP benefits.
So after you’ve earned a Platinum ranking for your historic Score Attack and New York Minute runs from level to level, you will not only earn a boat load of XP, but also unlock coveted character avatars for Multiplayer Deathmatch like Fabiana Branco, Passos and more.


After you’ve completed any single-player level, you’ll be able to replay it in Score Attack mode, where you gun for the highest score possible – acquiring points for each shot that hits its mark and each adversary you vanquish.

This fan-favorite bonus mode from Max Payne and Max Payne 2 returns as a frantic battle that puts one minute on the clock and awards you with additional time for each enemy that you kill.

Check out for more details on Arcade Mode scoring with bonus points for style, causing destruction, and more.

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