Mech Land Assault smashes on to Just Cause 3

If you’re a Just Cause 3 Air, Land and Sea Season Pass holder then today is your lucky day. The second expansion pack in the series titled Mech Land Assault is now available to download and to celebrate this release, a new gameplay trailer is available showing Rico causing chaotic destruction in brand new, gravity-defying ways.

The new Mech Land Assault dlc takes Rico Rodriguez to the new island of Lacrima, home to an abandoned eDEN research base and a prison camp run by the mysterious Black Hand. Armed with the new Bavarium Power Core rifle, Rico will take on huge powerful Mechs, in the attempt to hijack them. Once under Rico’s control you can then take the fight to the enemy with the Mechs powerful cannons and GRIP Gravity Guns.

Mech Land Assault Features

  • Pilot two types of powerful Mech and drive them anywhere in Medici.
  • Unleash the Mech’s Gravitational Remote Influence Projector or “GRIP” to attract and hurl objects at your enemies.
  • Jump and smash helicopters from the sky or ground pound tanks with the GRIPS’s “Force Pulse” attack.
  • Prove your skills and earn upgrades in Mech arena challenges.
  • Call in a Rebel Mech buddy for extra firepower when the going gets tough.
  • Includes a powerful new energy weapon, the Bavarium Power Core rifle.

For those who don’t have the Air, Land and Sea Season Pass you are going to have to wait a little longer as the Mech Land Assault pack will go on sale as a seperate add-on on June 10th priced at £9.49. If you can’t wait till then the Air, Sea and Land Expansion Pass is available to buy for £19.99. The last content pack titled Bavarium Sea Heist will be released by the end of summer 2016, and again one week early to Expansion Pass holders.

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