Medal of Honor: Warfighter for 2012

Last month, thisisxbox reported that GAME in the UK had outed via their twitter stream a new Medal of Honor was to be released by EA Games later this year, but its title had been kept in the dark – until now.

Back when Battlefield 3 was released last year, the game included promotional inserts that suggested a new Medal of Honor was currently in development with no further information other than a teaser. Going as way back as February 2011, MoH Executive Producer Greg Goodrich confirmed that Danger Close “is currently working on the next Medal of Honor” – but the sequel at that time was yet to be officially announced by EA.

Today, via the US Official Xbox Magazine, and reported through GameInformer – the game is called Medal of Honor: Warfighter, and is indeed being developed by Danger Close, as well as using the Frostbite 2.0 engine – you know, the one that Battlefield 3 uses… so are we to expect a massive extra install pack, who knows?

EA will reveal more information during the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco next month.

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