Meta-Novel to accompany Tom Clancy’s The Division

Every survivalist knows that you should always have a field guide with you and Tom Clancy’s The Division is no different. At the same time the game launches on March 8th so will New York Collapse, a meta-novel based on a lone survivor April Kelleher, and her investigation into the cause of the collapse.

Written before the fall of New York, the book contains handwritten notes and helpful tips on how to survive and will allow you to dig deeper into The Division’s story. Using the book’s clues and removable artifacts retrace the steps of April and see if you can uncover some of the games key secrets along the way.


Written by Alex Irvine, New York Collapse is available to pre-order through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Chronicle Books. For more information on the New York Collapse then check out the website here or you can check out the trailer below

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