Metro Redux Confirmed for Xbox One

metro last light 1

Just as I was about to write about a rumour that Metro Redux, an enhanced collection of Metro titles is said to be heading for Xbox One from 4A Games; I spotted that the developers’ have now confirmed its existence.

“Metro Redux. You may have heard of it… even though you probably shouldn’t have!” is quoted on the games official blog, “We could issue a ‘We do not comment on rumour and speculation’ statement and pretend this never happened. They’re pretty boring to read. They’re also pretty boring to write.”

So the developers continued with a confirmation that Metro Redux is real and will be properly announced around E3 2014. The original leak which you can find just by a quick search shows some outdated material and some quickly thrown together logo’s for the cover to confirm it contains Metro 2033, Metro Last Light and extra DLC content.

When more information comes to light, we’ll be sure to share it – for now though, try to think of Metro Last Light in all its glory on Xbox One, the new home for PC ports!

Via EntertheMetro

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