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Deep Silver has released two completely spruced up last-gen titles as one fantastic package for the Xbox One with Metro Redux. Having been enhanced both visually and packed with extra content, this is a fully remastered collection all in fast fluid 60FPS! Metro Redux as one complete disc features Metro 2033 Redux and its sequel Metro Last Light Redux; where Metro 2033 has been rebuilt from scratch in the new updated 4A engine, Metro Last Light has its own visual enhancements and also contains all previous Season Pass content released on Xbox 360. Not only is this the best looking Metro to date, but in terms of gameplay it is certainly the best value considering it’s a budget price at retail. Two separate games, but together they form the show-piece for one colossal adventure.

Primarily both Metro titles are survival first person shooter game’s based on fear that focuses on comradeship and determination amongst the darkest days Russia could face in the midst of a post-apocalyptic Moscow following a nuclear war. Survivors and military factions live deep down in the Metro tunnels where they are safe from toxic fumes and the demons that have formed and lurk above ground. Inspired by the events of Dmitry Glukhovsky’s best-selling novel Metro 2033, Metro Redux is a heart-pounding thriller set against the toxic ruins where law and order still forms the governing army that allows survivors to coexist in a city devastated and infested with mutants. It is advisable to play Metro 2033 first before Last Light to understand how Last Light continues the story in an even darker way as thought-provoking tale of survival against all odds following the events of 2033.

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Your adventure begins to save yourself and the world around you as you brave a deadly evil known as the Dark One; and battle through the threat of civil war with the survivors from the catastrophic events that could lead to the end of humanity itself in the aftermath! There is quite a lot resting on your shoulders as the main protagonist with the future of life itself at stake, full action-packed missions and a remarkable tale that will reel you in with every chapter. The intensity of the happenings within the ruins of Moscow will have you gripped on the edge of your seat. An immersive, wonderfully paced story with many surprise twists and elements of suspense conjoined with the atmospherics of despair and desperation to live. As well as the battle against mutants affected by the radiation, you encounter political issues with factions, communists and eventually the deadly fascist Fourth Reich who believe in the destruction of all minority factions, everyone has an enemy!

In the past year only Metro has made me shudder at the thought of turning another corner whilst taking a slow dreaded walk down a long dark alley, for that alone I can only give praise for the haunting portrayal of its atmosphere and in not knowing what to expect. Metro Redux as a combined outing contains some scenes that are really quite horrific, but in an environment with power struggles, limited means, torture and a deadly threat – expect a dark, unsettling take on how one city can destroy itself with very little hope left. Everything about Metro Redux gives the impression of an underground take on a World War III in a way that will leave you hooked and at the same time captivated.

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Some of the noticeable areas of improvement in making its debut on Xbox One have definitely been with the enemy A.I as they were previously very lazy in their efforts to hunt you out. On Xbox 360 they did try to look for you if you remained stealthily hidden, but they just pondered about slowly around dead bodies. However, as soon as you was visible they and many others from nowhere are all over you like a rash. The A.I didn’t seem previously very responsive between when you were visible or in stealth – some being able to accurately spot you from quite a distance in a small lit room, yet unable to see or hear you whilst looking directly at you from behind a very small box when in a little darkness. I am pleased that A.I issues seem to have mostly been corrected because in Metro Redux as a whole, I didn’t notice any of the past issues I encountered on Xbox 360.

Gameplay is all about choice as you can choose your play style (more below) but Metro centres on either going in all guns blazing or hiding in the shadows waiting to creep past further into the darkness. As a first person shooter there are plenty of weapons to choose from an arsenal of modified guns to aid your survival techniques with ammo required to be looted from dead bodies or from cases lying around the environments. Scattered and placed are modified Shotguns, Handguns, Assault Rifles that includes a Bolt-Action Rifle, homemade Grenade Launchers and a handheld minigun with a host of different attachments and modifications that can be added and bought from underground markets. It’s difficult to compare their realism as I am no gun-expert and the weapons are classed as modified and home-made, but the favourable choice for me was the range of Assault Rifles because they felt familiar and very accurate with the shots. The heavier weapons felt less accurate and harder to aim as you would expect. Additionally some modifications allowed for enemies to be shot and burn in flames, but you can double up and add suppressors, sights, a bayonet and an extended barrel depending upon your chosen weapon.

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If you really do enjoy a hard slower paced challenge, you can now also have even deadlier enemy A.I in both Metro games with new play styles available from the main menu. Experience a more survival horror oriented gameplay with ‘Survival’ – described as a fraught slow-burn fight for survival with limited resources, deadlier enemy AI, and slower reload speeds. If you want more action you can try the ‘Spartan’ mode with a powerful set of combat skills and more plentiful resources on offer throughout the game. For the ultimate hardcore gamer within you, you can choose to play legendary Ranger Mode with the most dangerous, immersive and challenging experience all without the HUD!

Visually Metro Redux looks astounding, highly detailed environments, noticeable enhancements to lighting and a tone maintaining a heavy military theme (as before) now in the most graphically beautiful way possible. This miserable tone of detail neither changes the more you play and it’s a depressed looking underground in serious distress – exactly as it should represent the effects of post-apocalyptic state only now with crisp clearer detail. Metro Redux is entertaining, gripping, addictive and very hard to put down. A truly enjoyable experience all over again for Xbox One, even if you’ve played both previously on Xbox 360, its new shiny coat of paint and extra content deserves your attention.

Metro Redux as a two-game collection is available in retail stores, or both Metro 2033 Redux and Metro Last Light Redux can be purchased separately from the Xbox One marketplace.

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