Microsoft Snaps Up and

Microsoft Snaps Up and

Fusible, the trusted source for great tech news with a team who sleuth out stories based on research of domain acquisitions, domain sales, company trademark filings and domain disputes – has discovered Microsoft’s recent acquisition of not one, but two new Halo domain names.

According to changes in Whois records, Microsoft has now acquired as well as from their previous owners using Name Rally, who helped Microsoft grab in the past. Whilst Halo 5 is already a confirmed title when it was previously announced Halo 4 would be the start of a new trilogy, the purchase of is likely to be for brand protection only.

The list of Halo[x].com domains under Microsoft’s belt now stand at Halo2, Halo3, Halo4, Halo5, Halo9 and finally We previously reported that Halo 5 is currently in development for next-gen systems, but a recent job posting hints it will be available on multiple devices – assumed to be current-gen and next-gen when the game releases.

(via Fusible)

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