Need for Speed reaches out to its community

Need for Speed reaches out to its community


Need for Speed publishers EA seem to have learnt from earlier mistakes when it comes to the future development of their games by today reaching out to its community. Players have received an email request from EA to take 5 minutes out of their time and fill in a survey about the multiplayer future of the game. This survey asks players to rate from 1 to 10 on various proposed options and ideas that could be incorporated into future development and releases.

As you can imagine, following such games as Titanfall and Battlefield, the usual suspects are included like ranked and tiered gameplay, where the more you play the higher you rank resulting in exclusive rewards, community challenges, auto crew joining at the start of a game and unique server hosting putting you in control of the game mode, setup and who can play on it. The one idea that did grab my attention was racing for cash or pink slips, winner takes all, as I feel this would really start to bring a whole new dynamic to the game.

So this does seem a positive direction for the game and shows some thought from the developers that the community really matters and I hope it will bring something different and not follow the same lines as all the other multiplayer games that EA have produced in the past. Personally I would like to see some of the little touches from the original Underground introduced like the sound system customisation for one.

Let me know your thoughts on what you would like in future releases of the game from both a customisation and multiplayer perspective and if you did get the survey your thoughts on what EA is suggesting?