Could a NES emulator be coming to the Xbox One?

Could a NES emulator be coming to the Xbox One?

Thanks to the Universal Windows Platform initiative which unifies Microsoft’s platforms, Windows developers can submit their applications for release on the Xbox One. Emulators are rife on PC and we could soon see the first hit the Xbox One.

NeoGaf user LuvOfThaGame spotted an interesting Tweet from one such developer,, who have submitted for approvable an emulator that plays NES, SNES, Mega Drive, Gameboy and Gameboy Advance games.


As there’s nothing legally wrong with creating and releasing an emulator, provided they don’t include any code taken from the console’s original BIOS, It’s possible we’ll soon be able to play game Roms on our Xbox One consoles.

However, it’s these ROM files that may cause issues, as they’re covered by copyright. In many countries it’s legal to own Roms of games you own and can no longer play due to the hardware no longer being produced, but downloading them off the internet is still theft.


Microsoft may not approve the release of the app for this reason, not to mention the heat they’ll almost certainly receive from Nintendo and Sega. But if it does get approved we could be enjoying all our old favourites on the splendid Xbox One controller, and wouldn’t that be something.