New Fallout 4 content coming this year

Many eager Wastelanders were waiting with baited breath for any updates on their beloved Fallout 4, and they were not disappointed.

Bethesda announced three new DLCs coming to Fallout 4, this year, which includes two new workshop DLCs, and what appears to be a new story DLC, set in a brand new location.

First they teased the new Contraptions DLC, which is due next week, which allows players to build incredible machines to either aid you in your settlements, or to just entertain you. Wastelanders will be able to create elevators, conveyor belts, armour and weapon racks, use new track kits to create Rube Goldberg-esque machines, and much much more.

The second of the new workshop DLCs allows players to create their own vaults, to their own standards. After clearing the area of any nasty creatures, you will be able to lay down your perfect vault, from wall placements, to stairwells, everything is yours to control. Once your vault is secure, dwellers will start to appear, and help you to keep it safe, or be used for experimentation. This will be available to download from July 2016.

Lastly, a brief tease was shown for what looks like could be a brand new story DLC, based in a new location Nuka World. Not much was shown, except a 1950s style theme park, full of the waifs and strays of the Wasteland, enjoying some quality time with friends and family. Of course, anything this tranquil can last…

Bethesda also announced some new updates coming to their incredibly popular mobile game, Fallout Shelter. Boasting a current total of over 50 million downloads, the new updates promise to bring more exciting adventures to your pocket. Players will be able to send dwellers out on quests, visit brand new locations, and battle new enemies. They are also introducing a brand new combat system, as well as a host of new characters to meet. For those of you who prefer to manage your dwellers on a bigger screen, Fallout Shelter will also be coming to PC in July 2016.

Oh, and one last thing…

For the ultimate and most immersive experience, Bethesda have announced that they will be bringing Fallout 4 to the HTC Vive virtual reality headset in 2017.

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